Monthly Archives: July 2011

Whrite Chocorate

  A small woman came in to the cafe and wanted a hot white chocolate.. But for some reason we couldn’t understand each other.. and no matter how hard we tried our efforts failed…      Once again I present to … Continue reading


Well Done

A woman came through the drive thru and asked for an iced blended drink, such like a milk shake… But as she order she puzzled me for a brief moment.. this is what she said… Keep in mind this is … Continue reading



The daily comic is back in business people! An old friend (practially wizard) helped me bring back my bamboo to life! So starting at the end of this week expect cartoons and comics! I also have a new series of … Continue reading

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My laptop died the other week and I lost a mojority of my creations.. including an animation i’ve been working on for a few months.. But I wont let it get me down! I’ve gone back to my roots and … Continue reading

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