Stop motion animator for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. (Robot Chicken, SuperMansion, Buddy Thunderstruck)

Former Vine animator.

Creator of music videos (Captain Squeegee, Fortunate Youth, Iron Reagan)

Worked as a clean up animator for Hot House Productions animated cartoon, “Mr. Pickles” on Adult Swim, 2014.

Johnny McHone was born in Seattle, Washington in 1986. His family traveled to Southern California, Rochester & Albany, New York, finally to Chandler, Arizona. The artistic creations began to flourish once he settled in upstate New York but every thing shifted once moving to the desert.

After many years practicing theater and imrpov, Johnny went to school for animation. Later moving to Studio City, California, creating a life of freelance art and animation.

Creator of JKAT Productions and Fliberyjibit Cartoons


Spike TV


Naked Juice




Xbox 360


Boy Scouts of America

SpacyCloud Skateboard Co.

ABQ Live Mgazine

Third Productions

11th Dimension Animation


Animation: jkat536@msn.com

Vine work: Contact Grapestory.co


3 Responses to About

  1. Mr Fresh says:

    Johnny, I’m following your most excellent stop animation vids on Vine every single day, Me and my son LUV them!! My daughter has one more year of HS. She draws manga incessantly and wants to get into illustration and animantion. Can you give any inspirational tips I can pass on to her?

    Kudos for all you create!


    • johnnymchone says:

      Hey Doug! Thank you for the awesome feedback! I love hearing from friends! My advice for your daughter is to keep drawing…always! Study movements in cartoons, read a lot of “how to” books, and surround yourself with other creative minds. I love animating, it’s not just something that I want to do, it’s something that I have to do. Thanks again!


  2. Jess says:

    Hey Johnny,

    Please email me about your vine videos. My company Jukin Video is interested in your videos. Thanks,

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