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Captain Squeegee’s Claymation Animated Music Video “Inevitable”


“First of all, I’m a sucker for claymation, secondly I adore anything apocalyptic and finally, Captains Squeegee’s To The Bardos! was one of my favorite albums of 2013. Combine those all together and you have the makings of a hell of a video. It also makes me want a little claymation version of myself that I can glorify and or decapitate upon my whim. This video really does have it all: mitosis, the emergence of amphibious life onto the land, dinosaurs and their demise, the clay effigy of Danny Torgersen gets decapitated, there’s a lovely homage to the Black Plague, there are Aliens, Illuminati imagery, plenty of executions, the sinking of the Titanic and more than one apocalypse. My favorite moment though must be when an animated version of the band swims into the album artwork. I cannot say enough about the artistry of Johnny McHone, the mad man behind the mad band that made this amazing featurette.”  -Mitchell L. Hillman (Sounds Around Town, PHX)

“Brilliantly animated by Johnny McHone, this stop-action claymation video starts with a bigger bang than most: the Big Bang, followed by a fish growing legs, crawling out of the water and gradually morphing into a dinosaur. We see a monkey evolve into a caveman and battle a dinosaur before the history fast-forwards to the rats that carried the Black Death through 14th-century Europe, which is where we get our first look at the claymation version of the guys in Captain Squeegee, whose leader, Danny Torgersen, is beheaded. From there, it touches on the social ills that come with progress, from the overpopulation of cities to the dumping of hazardous waste in the water supply, which in this case leads to the Hulk-like mutation of a fire-breathing sea creature. There’s also an alien invasion, which is turned back by that fire-breathing sea creature as the world is engulfed in flames.” -Ed Masley (AZCentral, The Republic, PHX)

“The first 45 seconds of this clay-based stop-motion music video, animated by Johnny McHone, are a marvel in themselves. It’s nothing less than the creation of the world, from the Big Bang to a single cell dividing into two, the first fish to grow legs, crawl out of the water, and turn into a dinosaur. A monkey transforms into a human being. It’s the sort of claymation world you just want to live inside, and seeing the members of Captain Squeegee portrayed as clay figures, getting the plague, decapitated, and playing music, is as fancy a visual treat as you’ll see in a music video.” -David Accomazzo & Troy Farah (Phoenix NewTimes Blog, PHX)

“…Not only does the video succeed in capturing the band’s character, but it perfectly illustrates what is being said within the song. Many times music videos have nothing to do with the song that they’re supposed to be representing. Luckily, McHone has Captain Squeegee pegged and was able to create a video befitting the band. It also doesn’t hurt when the person involved actually cares about what they are involved in.

“Their music is something I listen to on a regular basis. There’s not much like it out there right now and they’ve stayed true to themselves the entire way,” McHone says.

Wonderful things happen when artists, musicians, and writers are inspired by one another. A neat fusion of various art forms is created and magnifies what each individual artist is trying to say. More Valley artists, musicians, and writers should take their cue from Captain Squeegee’s partnership with McHone and get inspired.” -Sarah Edwards (Valley Hype , PHX)


Winner of “Best Series” in the 2015 #armstrongVineAwards



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